Empowering Christian C-Suite leaders & Business owners to grow their leadership skills & faith through the Jesus Journey

At Lifework Leadership, Auckland, we are propelling influencers to maximise their Kingdom impact into their home, company, community and city.

You spend the majority of your time at work. And you’re good at it. But you wonder – could you be doing more for God? If you’re like most Christian leaders, the answer is YES …but you don’t need to leave your job to do it.

Think Accelerated MBA meets Spiritual Development.

By working with Elias and the Lifework Leadership, Auckland, team you will learn many things about you and your walk with God. Here are some of the areas that you will cover:
» Clarifying your calling
» Understand how faith in Jesus integrates in business & everyday life
» Connecting yourself to like-minded leaders
» Build dynamic relationships with other Christian influencers
» Captivating your heart for the City
» Utilise your God-given influence and platform for the good of the city

If you are seeking to develop a business with a purpose, join us at Lifework Leadership, where we have been equipping and inspiring Christian men and women in the marketplace for maximum eternal impact.

The next step is to schedule a chat. What are you waiting for?

Many thanks,
Elias Kanaris
Executive Director, Lifework Leadership, Auckland

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